Gwen Stefani shows no skin in Malaysia concert.

Gwen Stefani is known for her cute and revealing outfits. But Gweny Gwen Gwen is a team player & respected the Malaysian culture when she played there last night......
Gwen Stefani adhered to a strict dress code as she played a gig in Malaysia on Tuesday (August 21st).
Stefani had been ordered to cover up by Malaysian authorities after a number of protests from The National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students.
A representative of the organisation said earlier this month that, "her performance and her attire are not suitable for our culture.”
Taking to the stage wearing a black leotard Stefani wowed the 7,000 strong Malaysian crowd, changing her outfit between every song to ensure that she stayed within the regulations.
Stefani said during the performance that she was “very inspired to be performing in the country adding: “It is great to be here again."
Part of the imposed regulations against the singer stated that she was not to not jump with/or hug and kiss members of the audience.