Britney Spears strips for Allure magazine.....But they didn't ask her to.

Have you ever had Britney Spears strip down to the waist in front of you? The folks at Allure magazine had the.....pleasure?
The more I hear about BRITNEY SPEAR'S behaviour, the more it puzzles me.
It seems while the singer is happy to flash the flesh at any opportunity, she can't complete a press interview.
After her run-in with OK!, Allure have revealed that Britney missed plenty of opportunities to chat to them too - despite doing a topless photo shoot for the magazine's cover.
Editor Linda Wells said: "Britney showed up for Allure's cover shoot on time and ready to work.
"She was entirely unselfconscious.
"She took off her wig and then stripped down to the waist, for no apparent reason, before sitting for hair and makeup."
"She was agreeable and co-operative but that was the last we saw of her... she missed four appointments for an interview."
Britney will still grace the magazine's cover in September - but alongside an article on the 'nature of celebrity' rather than an interview.