Bridget Moynahan leaves Brady out of son's last name.

Maybe it's no big deal. They may have discussed it.....
Tom Brady was mostly absent during Bridget Moynahan’s pregnancy with their child (born August 22), and now that’s not the only thing that’s missing. The actress, 36, decided not to include her ex’s surname when naming her son. A rep for the actress has released a statement officially announcing the child’s name as John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Someone should tell that to the New England Patriots! During their game against the Carolina Panthers on August 24, announcers congratulated the 30-year-old quarterback and told the crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina, that the boy was named Jonathan Brady. Meanwhile, Moynahan’s camp insists that all is well. “She is thankful for a healthy baby and is excited about being a mother,” says Moynahan’s rep in the statement, who adds that the actress “was very pleased that the father, Tom Brady, was able to be there for the birth.”