2 women come forward to tell of their lesbian threesome with Scary Spice.

Mel. B just can't stay out of the headlines. God bless her!.....
Daily Mail:
Spice girl Mel B had a two-year affair with two lesbian lovers - who have spoken out to say they now believe she is in a 'fragile' state of mind according to a Sunday newspaper.
Mel B - real name Melanie Brown - allegedly started a lesbian affair with Christa Parker, 35, a mother of two, after meeting her at the gates of the school in America where their children are pupils.
Christa, in turn, apparently introduced Mel to her 26-year-old friend Elizabeth Rodriguez, a sex-toy saleswoman. The women allegedly had three-in-a-bed sessions. Christa said her relationship with the Spice Girl became sexual in August 2005 while Mel was dating a casting director.
She told a Sunday newspaper: "I had only had sex with a woman once before...but Mel was obviously very experienced with women. She is a great kisser." When Christa introduced her to Elizabeth, the three began to have regular sex sessions. Christa said: "Mel and I were very good friends. We saw each other almost every day and would have sex at least a couple of times a week."
Christa claimed that Mel was dating men at the same time - but the women's liaisons were interrupted in May 2006 when Mel began her passionate romance with Eddie Murphy.
But she claims the singer is now in a fragile emotional state and was concerned about her whirlwind marriage to film producer Stephen Belafonte two months ago. Christa claims that since Mel's marriage Christa's contact with her has been limited to weekly phone calls.
Christa said: "Mel is so vulnerable. I'm very worried about her. I hope she's happy. I just don't want to see her hurt."