Yardbirds reunion too good to be true.

You won't be seeing Jeff Beck trading guitar licks with Jimmy Page in any arena in the near future. The rumors of a Yardbirds reunion are just that...rumors.
Rocker Jeff Beck has denied reports he and Jimmy Page are reuniting legendary 1960s band The Yardbirds for a tour to begin in October. Beck and Page were said to be recruiting bassist Chris Dreja and drummer Jim McCarty for the road trip, with former member Eric Clapton refusing to take part.
But Beck's manager tells website Billboard.com "there is no truth to any of the rumors" regarding the guitar ace's involvement in a potential reunion.
The Yardbirds had the distinction of seeing three of the most highly-regarded guitarists of a generation - Beck, Page and Clapton - pass through its ranks.
Beck and Page's presence in the band overlapped for a few months in 1966, a time in Yardbirds history captured by a performance in the classic movie Blow Up.
The Yardbirds split in 1968 and original vocalist Keith Relf died from electrocution in 1976, although Deja and McCarty have been touring under the name since the 1990s.