Monday, July 09, 2007

Wrestler Johnny Angel says that Kevin Sullivan may have murdered Chris Benoit and family.

A sad story just keeps getting sadder & weirder. Former wresting champ Johnny Angel says that wrestler Kevin Sullivan killed Chris Benoit and his family for revenge. EntertainmentWise: Former wrestling champion Johnny Angel believes that fellow wrestler and Nancy Benoit's ex-husband Kevin Sullivan may be responsible for murdering the family.
Johnny Angel reveals his theory In a series of videos posted as REASONABLEDOUBTHERE.
In the clips Angel claims that Sullivan murdered the Benoit family as an act of revenge and points out that the deaths fall exactly ten years after Nancy divorced Sullivan for Benoit.
Sullivan reportedly practiced Satanism with his then-wife and scripted her into having an affair with Benoit.
The pretend-affair spilled over into real life and Nancy divorced Sullivan for Benoit.
Angel explains that committing the murders would have fulfilled Sullivan’s Satanic creed of revenge, while also ruining Benoit’s reputation since he is the one getting the blame for the murders.


Prick Up Your Ears said...

Wow. This is a freaky story. Johnny Angel is clearly in denial.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the story,kevin sullivan did kill the benoit family.if you notice that on wwe .com they have a were are they now section,and kevin sullivan is there with the same type of beer,that was found in benoits home around nancy's body.according to paper in georgia

Ry said...

How freakin' stupid can you people be???

It was a STORYLINE!!! Sullivan is no more into this satan garbage than I am.

In case all of you Einstein's forgot, Benoit himself contacted WWE & canceled his appearance at the saturday night show. He did this the next day AFTER Nancy was killed & several hours after Daniel was also killed.

I didn't want to accept it either when they finally announced their findings. I was one of Benoit's biggest fans & truly believe him to have been one of the most talented wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots.

But you've got to face the scientific evidence & accept it.
Unless you have no class whatsoever
& are completely braindead and decide to make up some outlandish story and blame Kevin.

I'm sure Kevin suffered a loss here as well. I don't care what the circumstances were or how long you've been apart. It must hurt on some level to learn the woman you were once in love with & married to has been murdered.

I hope Kevin can sue "Johnny Angel" & any other moron who puts into print their agreement with him. And I hope he sues these idiots to the fullest extent of the law.

How do people this stupid manage to survive in today's world on a daily basis??? Unbelievable......

Anonymous said...

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