Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phil Collins says Gensis tour is a pain in the arse.

Another favorite of mine, Phil Collins is weeping about his job. He regrets reuniting with Genesis? He's sad that he's spending time away from his kids? Oh for the love of God. The guy has been a professional musician for around 35 years now. If anyone knows what a tour is going to be like, it's him. And he's crying about family? Please. This coming from a guy who divorced one wife by fax and told Jay Leno years ago that his kids can watch him on TV when he's away.......
Female First:
Rocker Phil Collins regrets agreeing to reunite with Genesis, because the comeback tour has kept him away from his two young sons.
The singer has split with his third wife Orianne Cevey since agreeing to reform the band - and he hates the way the tour has left him thousands of miles away from Switzerland, where Cevey lives with their children Nicholas and Matthew.
He tells Mojo, "I'm not interested. My life is in turmoil. Frankly, at the moment I am living for my two little boys, so this tour is actually a pain in the arse because I'm away from home. I've been trying to keep it short.
"Every time somebody said we could pay for the tour if we do another four dates, I said no. I signed on to buy a blue suit: I don't want to end up with a red one."


Anonymous said...

...pain in the arse but I'm sure the 4th wife will like the next reunion.

Love Genesis and honestly I can't wait till the DVD comes out in December. But this tour to me "i feel" its a money grabber just like the The Police.

I was on there website recently and "i feel" that I have to pay for everything now....

To boast Genesis I did see a clip of there concert recently on YouTube and I was awestruck both at the light show and also still how Phil's voice is still in good condition.

Sadly, paying 100 bucks for mediocre tickets is a sign of the times. I remember seeing Genesis in 75 cost 10.00 and in 85 according to my math i should be paying 40.50


Geno said...

I hear you. I saw Genesis 20 years ago & was awestruck. I'm a huge fan & can't believe our boy Phil would blabber like that. For the $$$ he's getting for the tour & the short timeframe, he should keep his comments to himself. :)

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