Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Penthouse & Playboy model calls Marcus Allen "Creepy and scary".

Is Marcus Allen a creepy dude like his buddy O.J. Simpson? Or is Kimberly Stewart trying to get attention from the media? You decide....
Page Six:
KIMBERLY Williams, the June 2007 Penthouse Pet, has never met football legend Marcus Allen - and she wants to keep it that way. After talking on the phone for a few weeks, "he seemed like a really nice guy. But . . . I quickly found out that this is not a guy I want to know," the pin-up told Steppin' Out magazine's Chauncé Hayden. Kimberly was creeped out that Allen is a regular at the Playboy Mansion, and that his MySpace page is filled with girlfriends thanking him for "lunch." "So I started to pull away from him just to protect myself. But he calls me over 15 times a day! . . . He started to send me these terrible text messages. 'Where the hell are you, Kimberly!' . . . It's really scary . . . Things got really bad after I did the Howard Stern show. He got very upset that I got nude on the show. Hello! I'm a Penthouse Pet . . . I told him he needed to calm down . . . But he got even angrier." Allen's lawyer, Larry Stein, told Page Six: "It's the other way around. She's the one pursuing him. She started sending him pictures of herself with no clothes on. She's trying to get publicity."


Taylor Matthews said...

First off Kimberly did not leak the story and everything has been blown out of proportion and context.
This is all stemming from the day she did Howard Stern show and Marcus got upset that she had taken her clothes off and wouldn't let it go. She was out celebrating that night and amongst the people in her entourage were publicist and media that were "off" duty. People saw some of his text messages and the number of text messages, hind sight, bad move on her part, but she is not used to people being that interested or thinking something like this could become a story. On a side note, trust and believe that they only saw the PG rated text messages from this man. A combination of them both being type A personalities and strong willed lead to disagreements, minor ones at best. But the combo of the women on his Myspace and then him going to the Playboy All Star Party and being a designated driver was the beginning of the end. Then when she Googled him and all the OJ and Nicole stuff came up she was mortified, she was like 14 when that happened, so she was not familiar with it like the rest of the world. At that point she was tired of his lectures and acting more like a father figure, when let’s face it he could be her father. So she stopped taking his calls, period. Fast forward 2 weeks she gets a call that there is a story floating around about her and Marcus, at first she thought people were kidding, so she says "No comment". When his lawyer came back with the lies that she was the one that pursued him and sent pictures, which can be seen by any paying member of the Playboy site, she felt betrayed, so then she commented back. They met when he saw her magazine and invited her to his Celebrity Golf and Poker Tournament in North Ranch back June 10-11. She did not make that trip but a friendship and romantic interest on both sides blossomed. Come on folks, the men that have pursued her and that she has dated are far more current and in the media, but she is a private person, so you don’t know about them. She would not target a 47 year old man attached to the stigma of OJ for publicity. Penthouse went in a new direction with their June issue, she shows no pink, and they are moving under the direction of Marc Bell, owner and CEO, towards a coffee table more upscale image. If you have listened to her on Howard Stern or Bubba the Love Sponge, on Sirius Radio, you would know she is not your typical pose nude bimbo, but a focused powerhouse of talent that is forward moving. This story does nothing for her career.

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