Orlando Bloom has a new lady?

Orlando Bloom was seen having dinner with Paris wannabe Chantelle Houghton. Are the two a couple or was Bloom researching his upcoming role as a reality TV star?
After only recently splitting from her husband, Ordinary Boys singer Preston, Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton has been spotted dining with Orlando Bloom. Talk about odd couples!
The Daily Star reports that the former Paris Hilton lookalike was out last night at a top London hotel where she was seen laughing and joking with the Lord Of The Rings Actor.
A source says: “Orlando wasn’t really aware of who Chantelle was when he met her as he was in the States when she made her name in Big Brother.
“Orlando was really fascinated by the story of her rise to fame because one of his forthcoming roles is playing a Big Brother style winner in Reality Check.”
So he is using her for research purposes? That explains a lot we guess.