Thursday, July 19, 2007

Links that wonder if President Logan is still alive.

Amy Winehouse spits on fans. Celebrity Smack
Pre-nose job Catherine Bell. Fire Cubed
Hayden Panettiere's Countdown reaches 32. Hayden's Countdown
Marrying a Beetle makes you rich. Holy Candy
Get to know Tracy Lynne. NewsToob
Britney Spears goes swimming in her bra and panties. Seriously? OMG WTF!
Jessica Alba in Spain. Splash
You Tube users to quiz Dems in debate. MSNBC

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OvalBearGeasingKuma said...

Orange Kool Aid.
Hey Logan, how is ol Rick Logan up Mt Hamilton, guarding UC Lick with regards to NASA conflict still. Yeah, so 24, all about the problem as I found it concerning those 24 nations of 1933 operation orange. Yeah, like I said, the 24 show was just about 24 OTHER elders, somebody else's time, really like must be that codex about Dyonisia replacements of David for that clock and space. STARDUST.
Yeah, it was fun talking to Jack ass on satelite when he was threatening to break into Russian embassy, my animal protectorate by rite according to bear klan in star wars. Yeah, it was cool so this neighbor could witness our real satelite conversation about that. Anyway, what is up with UC LICK's orange lights, we know it was a contra and outlaw operation, going way back, about the gold coin of 1929 and the heavy UC LICK links to gold rush and such, yeah, and I am sure the dyonisia replacement of david even related to clandestine alias order of Davis......I think this.
But there is no mistake on Logan. Yeah, so what is up with that. And I know, these are all your fans, and once again I am stuck all alone in truth, but that is OK. It was still cool fightning with jack over satelite about the russian embassy, over Bear, because Bauer is another Irish like name that is about MiKlan, the Nazi slash Bear.....Rabies man, like the 24 elders of the cannibal race, or something.......Yeah, Russian Bear really was my protectorate at that time, and you really were straight up enemy, cause the real 24 was really about the eternal praise of the 24 elders, and you were in nothing but contempt, and I know that really is the CONTRARY orange lights installed by UC LICK.
Well, ALONE AGAIN. So you have all of my neighbors as your fan of fetters, GOOD GOOD.
But you know, despite LICK, I will get through your terror camp schools one of these days. Now, is Lohan in the mercedes any indication Logan and Lohan might be some more little clandestine aliases of the old amalek hitler mercedes regime ??
Just asking ?
two years in China was all about taking further action to defeat the Taiwanese side of the present regime at the penteteuche elemental level of the pennitentcia business.......That is my thought.
Anyway, what is up with that 24 ORANGE SHIT. Jacks yelling is hurting the olives again, and that is when KGB steps in and delivers that petroleum treatment, that agent orange like punishment for hurting the olives again, yes, you know, and CA textbooks are full of the term Ofval, the V mutation of oval U at the O live xiphoid process of olive.........Yes, like that......about a bunch of diamonds, for that diamond body teaching, really about GAS in the process getting hard as anatomical change result of the change of the containment of antimatter, the mass gassings, the kurds, serbs, etc......Yes, positronic breech and leptogenesis, as gas in the process translates to gas in the water, and to blow them up with antimatter as said in Berkley report on KB etherial physics is just like gas in the process and blowing up that ocean, FAKE TSUNAMI. Yeah, all that, it all ties into the contrary orange lights of UC LICK and that rule of the CA school systems, it seems, and your 24 that is the hours of an OTHER DAY.
So you want to argue over satelite again. That was cool.


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