Friday, July 13, 2007

Links that had a moment as lead singer of Genesis.

Frankie Muniz and his tattoos. Celebrific
Kevin Spacey has drinks ordered for him. Celebrity Dirty Laundry
Elisha Cuthbert doesn't look both ways. Celebrity Smack
Carmen denies affair with Joan Jett. dlisted
Brooke Richards is not unlucky on Friday the 13th. Fire Cubed
Hayden Panettiere's countdown reaches 38. Hayden's Countdown
Hillary Duff on So You Think You Can Dance. Just Jared
GH spinoff Night Shift starts. (I love Robin!) Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Jessica Biel on the Red Carpet. Splash
Miss New Jersey shows her scandalous pics. TMZ
Clinton and Edwards teaming up? ABC


-> Ray said...

I love the "Calling All Stations" album. That was the best Genesis music since Peter Gabriel left the band.
I wish they had given that line-up more of a chance to find its footing before calling it quits.

Geno said...

I agree. The CD didn't sell well, but it really is excellent. I love Ray's "Live & Acoustic" CD. It's another gem.

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