Lindsay Lohan gets dumped by boyfriend for being too boring?

Lindsay Lohan is a lot of things. Good looking, slutty, famous and a possible drinking/drug problem? Sure. But boring? I don't think so.
Gallant Calum Best has chosen booze and drugs over his relationship with on/off girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, according to a report.
Days after Calum pledged to go into rehab so that he could follow Lindsay's lead and get sober, the playboy has had a drastic change of heart and decided that the actress isn’t worth giving up partying for.
A source tells the Daily Star, “Calum called Lindsay on Friday and said that he was finding her post-rehab existence dull and that he didn’t want to give up partying.
Calum loves Lindsay. But he’s simply not in the same place as her anymore.”
Luckily for Calum, there is no shortage of no-mark Z-listers willing to take Lindsay’s place and he has since been seen partying with former Shipwrecked ‘star’ Felicity Jaine.
We never thought we’d say this but, in Calum, it looks as if Lindsay has actually found someone she is too good for.