Kelly Clarkson is called an idiot as she can't grasp global warming.

Poor Kelly Clarkson was bashed by members of the press after being interviewed at Al Gore's Live Earth concert.
Family Security:
Kelly Clarkson is an idiot. Through her backstage interviews and her own admissions, she didn’t know much about the issue of global warming. Yet she, like many others, were performing to bring awareness to an issue she doesn’t quite grasp. Perhaps this is why the BBC recently reported on a poll suggesting that most Brits believe “the problem [of global warming] was exaggerated to make money.” Artists like Clarkson were probably performing to boost record sales. Remember that Clarkson recently cancelled her entire tour due to low ticket sales. To be fair to Clarkson, she was not the only one who didn’t seem to know about the issue. Let’s add to the list the following Live Earth participants who didn’t seem to know much: the lead singer of Fall Out Boy (who actually said he didn’t know much about the issue in a post-set interview), the drummer of Foo Fighters (who was smoking a cigarette at the start of his set – not a very green lifestyle, is it?), Petra Nemcova, and KT Tunstall.