Kelly Clarkson gives in. She plans on having Davis guide her next album's direction.

Kelly Clarkson will be having Clive Davis guide the direction of her next CD. After all the turmoil over "My December", it appears that there will be a lot of smiles and holding hands for her next release.....
Kelly Clarkson gets the picture, finally.
There was no bucking the system, and no going against Clive Davis. Sources tell me that Clarkson has agreed, through her wise new manager Narvel Blackstock, to make a pop album for release in 2008 with songs selected by Davis and his team.
Clarkson's acquiescence comes at the end of a long melodrama concerning her current, turgid album "My December," which features a lot of ragged self-penned songs by Clarkson about a relationship gone sour.
Davis didn't like the album, considering it was the follow up to Clarkson's multimillion selling "Breakaway." But he released it, and Clarkson responded by dissing him and then apologizing earlier this week.
In the meantime, "My December" is sort of free-floating away now, and will probably sell a respectable 850,000 copies in the U.S. and maybe the same worldwide.