Katie Couric says that trying new things was a mistake.

Poor Katie Couric. I like Katie & I hate seeing her get bashed by everyone. She's cool. She realizes the things that have led to her current low ratings & bad pr status. StarPulse : ''People are very unforgiving and very resistant to change,'' Couric said in an interview with New York magazine. ''The biggest mistake we made is we tried new things.''......She said she's looking forward to doing more work for ''60 Minutes'' next season. ''If it turns out it wasn't a perfect fit (at the evening news), then, you know, I'll do something else that's really exciting and fulfilling for me.''
Couric admitted there are days when she wishes she hadn't made the move to CBS.
''Of course,'' she said. ''I'm human. I'm not going around 'dee-da dee-da dee.' I have days when I'm like, 'Oh my God, what did I do?' But for some weird reason, they don't happen that often.''