Hillary Duff makes a 9 year old girl cry.

Damn that Hillary Duff! She's evil! Evil I say!!!!!!!!!!!! What's next, is she going to kick a cute puppy or steal a dollar from a homeless guy?
NY Daily News:
There were tears in Texas last week after Hilary Duff was accosted by some young fans. A spy says Duff, her sister Haylie and their parents were enjoying a quiet dinner in low-key Richmond last Wednesday.
But when word got out that the famous singer was at Pier 36 Seafood and Oyster bar, two 9-year-old girls arrived carrying posters and T-shirts and hoping for autographs.
"On their way out, the owner asked if Hilary would sign a menu for her daughter and she did," says an insider.
But when the youngsters approached, the source says, "[Hilary] said, 'I don't really get to spend a lot of time with my family; sorry' and walked out the door.
"She made one of the little girls cry."
Hilary Duff was traveling yesterday and could not be contacted.