Thursday, July 26, 2007

Evangeline Lilly complains about fame, living in Hawaii, working on Sundays and Lost.

I love "Lost". I love Evangeline Lilly on "Lost". I hate reading Lilly whine and whine every interview I read with her.

On fame: There's a lot of things that I set in place from day one that I set up as barriers to keep the world out of my private life," she says. "I had never been interested in or enamoured by fame ... When I decided to take the job, that was my biggest apprehension. I was not willing to give up my privacy to become this form of artist. I have no regrets, but should another series come along that is a huge hit that will continue to launch me into the public eye, I would say 'no'."

On living in Hawaii:Meantime, Lilly admits she struggled to adjust to life in Hawaii. "I hated living there for the first two years."

On "Lost": Lilly says although all of the cast lives in Hawaii, she can go for months without seeing other headline cast members because of Lost's challenging third-season plot device in which the cast is frequently separated into isolated storylines.
"There has been huge unrest, dissatisfaction and frustration from the cast about that," she admits.
"There was a sense of 'I don't understand what sort of show I am on any more.' It didn't feel like the same show, and I think the audience felt the same way."

On filming sex scenes and working on Sundays: Several elements of Lilly's role (such as a recent sex scene with Sawyer) have conflicted with her conservative upbringing.
"I was brought up in a household where I was not allowed to take the Lord's name in vain," she says.
"There's been lots of adjustments to make - like working on Sunday, always the Sabbath for me - or the issue of modesty that comes when you're standing in the water in your underwear. You have to make your own peace and understand your limits."
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