Danity Kane is breaking up? Noooooooo! Um....o.k.

Rumors are flying that Danity Kane is breaking up. Apparently the girls are getting catty with each other and using their websites to snip at each other. Should i renew my Danity Kane fan club membership or what?.....

So ... are Danity Kane breaking up or not? Well, that sort of depends on which member of the group you're listening to.
If you're not up to speed with the latest rumor surrounding Diddy's "Making the Band 3" debutantes, well, here we go: Whispers of an impending DK split started circulating Wednesday, when TMZ.com cameras caught group member Aubrey O'Day leaving Hollywood club Teddy's and asked her, point-blank, "What's up with Danity Kane's next album?"
When O'Day played coy, the — ahem — reporter then asked if she "had something to say about Puffy," to which O'Day replied:
"I have absolutely nothing to say about Puffy. I haven't even looked at him longer than 10 minutes," she spat, in obvious reference to a comment Diddy made on New York radio station Hot 97 back in April, when he denied rumors O'Day was pregnant with his child by saying, "I never even looked at her for more than 10 minutes."
"Danity Kane — I don't really know what's going on with Danity Kane," O'Day continued. "I love Danity Kane though, that's for sure."
O'Day was then asked about rumors that she was joining the Pussycat Dolls, a question that seemingly caught her off guard, as she could only laugh and offer up, "You're giving up secrets right now. You're not supposed to know about that."
Of course, the entire exchange had fans of the band buzzing, especially when you consider that things haven't exactly been hopping on the Danity Kane beat in recent months (they have no shows scheduled, and the DK MySpace page hasn't been updated with news about the group since early April). And while Interscope Records — the home of PCD — told MTV News that the rumors of O'Day were "not true," Atlantic Records (DK's label) would only offer a "no comment" when asked if the group were through. All signs, it seemed, pointed toward implosion.
And that was before various members of the group decided to take the battle to the Internet.
The first to sound off was DK's Dawn Richard, who only added fuel to the breakup fire with a posting titled "Rumors!???" on her Web site, that read, in part:
"To answer all the rumors that's been out there about Aubrey and D. Woods pursuing their solo careers. We support them in their decision. However, myself, Aundrea and Shannon are choosing to continue in our efforts to make Danity Kane the best for our fans who love us and what we represent AND the respect we have for our group."
And suddenly, fan reaction went from "mild panic" to "full-blown, nuclear-grade meltdown" faster than you can say "Show Stopper." Because not only was O'Day leaving, but apparently D. Woods wasn't far behind her.
Of course, this appeared to be news to both O'Day and Woods, as both of them posted missives on their MySpace pages, refuting Richard's claims that they had left DK to launch solo careers. First up was O'Day, who decided to take the whole "diplomatic" approach to the situation.
"Once again I would like to put to rest absurd rumors. I love being a member of Danity Kane and have always been down with DK musically," she wrote. "I'm looking forward to a second DK album and I totally support all members of DK in all of their endeavors."
And then, Woods, who ... well, let's just say she decided to do the opposite. Aside from removing Danity from the "top friends" list on her MySpace page — replacing them with another group she is associated with, the Girls Club — she also decided to launch an attack at an unnamed group member.
"I felt the time has come for me to address the statements made about me concerning my status in Danity Kane," she wrote. "I wasn't going to, but things have spun out of control and a lot of people are wondering what's up. ... All I know is rumors are started every day and like I was always told, 'As long as they talking about you,' " she wrote. "However the problem begins when those on the inside circle fuel the rumors and put out false statements and speak on behalf of those in question, namely me or anyone the rumor is about. It's very messy, reads as malice, and is just not a good look all together.
"I won't go into what was heard, but I will say that my time as a member of DK has been a rocky roller coaster with blows coming from all angles. I've been blessed to be a founding member of this group, so NO I haven't left," she continued. "I have extended myself in many ways and have been up front and inclusive about everything I've done since joining Danity Kane. I haven't left the group, and when the time comes for us to pursue our other desires it will be in a much more professional manner."
So basically, at the end of the day, the situation breaks down thusly: One member of DK believes that two other members have left to pursue solo careers, while those same two members maintain that they haven't left the group at all. Meanwhile, the two other members, Shannon Bex and Aundrea Fimbres, have kept quiet on the matter.
And in all, it doesn't sound like there's been a whole lot of communicating going on in the Danity camp lately. And while MTV News' second request for comment on the situation were unanswered by Atlantic at press time, it seems like most of the group's fans are beginning to resign themselves to the fact that DK may be dead, via a series of grammar-abusing eulogies posted on the group's MySpace page, of course.
"I so pray to the awesome lord that u gurls stay together," one reads. "My self and many other females look up to u gurls ... don't take that away ... u ladies are so good together ... don't break that up."
"Diddy u need to wake up and realize that Danity Kane is the hottest group out there on Bad Boy!!!!!" another read. "Don't make the mistake of letting them go!! We want more of DK!!!!!!"