Tourists flock to Italy to peek at George Clooney.

Why are tourists flocking to a secluded area in Italy? Why are 3 parking areas are going to be built into the neighborhood? Tourists may be visiting to see the voice of Budweiser himself, George Clooney.... "Clooney has turned civic protester in an attempt to stop a €12 million (£8 million) council development that he says will ruin the peace and beauty of Lake Como – not to mention that of his lakeside villa. However, Clooney, who spends three to four months a year at Lake Como, said he feared that the tourist influx, for which the parking facilities were needed, had followed him there. “I don’t want my presence to disturb the lives of the people who live here,” he told Corriere della Sera. “But we will all suffer from these building projects.”" Times