Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kelly Clarkson's career is in jeopardy.

My earlier post on Kelly Clarkson received some heated responses from some Clarkson fans. I can understand that Kelly has some passionate fans who are 100% behind the singer. But, let's face facts. Fighting with your label & mogul Clive Davis isn't smart. Not having your record company behind your new release is bordering on stupidity. Her tour is cancelled and her single has been a disappointment. Clarkson has had a tough month & her career is in jeopardy. Due to some courageous, yet career threatening choices, Kelly's future looks bleak.

Here's just a small sample of what everyone is buzzing about:

Kelly Clarkson's rough patch continues. Rolling Stone

Kelly's sales are a little idle. "Never Again," the first single from the "My December" CD due out next Tuesday, has made barely a ripple on local radio compared to her previous hits. "We're disappointed," says Tom Poleman, program director of WHTZ (100.3 FM). "She's been a core artist for us with her last several records. She's been a big part of the revitalization of top 40.
"We're still playing 'Never Again,' but the listeners don't seem very excited about it. It's done okay, not great."
"We played it for a while and finally dropped it," says Tom Cuddy, vice president of WPLJ (95.5 FM). "Listener response just wasn't there." NY Daily News

Count Your Blessings: Kelly Newsflash, Kelly: Corporate America made you. Corporate America fostered you. Millions of Americans who play into the hands of Corporate America molded you into a star. I don't see indie-rock, singing/songwriting wannabes being pumped out of the well-oiled American Idol machine anytime soon, so stop being so emo already. You're talented, and yes, may be able to successfully reinvent yourself. But for all of our sakes, stop being such a brat. Stater Online

Kelly Clarkson's industry suicide: Looks like Kelly Clarkson has committed music industry hari-kari by biting the hand that fed her. Kelly, after two successful CD's has become the all knowing, all-powerful OZ. From being a waitress to best selling music artist has transformed her into a music business expert. The Spoof

Kelly Clarkson's Album hits internet early: Clarkson, however, is not a very experienced lyricist. So the pain she is trying to convey on "My December" is often not very effectively rendered. Unlike confessional songwriters like Carly Simon or even Alanis Morissette, Clarkson doesn't have a grasp of metaphor. She is more of an in-your-face songwriter. She also doesn't know when to stop beating a dead horse..... It's clear she's mad, bitter and resentful. But a lot of it seems like high school whining. Isn't art supposed to be about something more than this? Fox

Poor Ticket sales cause Kelly Clarkson to cancel arena tour: But the first single from "My December," the angry rock song "Never Again," was not a huge hit, and while it peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard chart, it quickly fell from the top 10 and is now at No. 17 Ny News


Anonymous said...

I really do not understand the Media. The media Seems to Always blow things out of proportion, and i am really getting tired of the media seemingly try to hurt Kelly Clarkson image. I mean so she has been going through a little rough patch, but to be comparing her to people who have been in rehab?? Come on People You are crazy!!! Kelly Clarkson has one of the best voices in the world and everyone knows that. Now she is getting negative publicity, the news, the radio, articles, blogs all seem to want to bring her down and that is just so not right!!! Kelly Clarkson will be around for a long time!! She has an amazing voice, and has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she can sing anything! It is really sad that the media wants to try to rip her to pieces, being that she is one of the sweetest, most real muscians out there! People come on, she wants to take a stand a write and sing music that comes from her, that she can feel, not some hand me downs from other artist. So she has had artistic disagreements with her lable, and she recently has decided to end things with her management team, which the famous "Firm" was on rocky grounds anyways!!! Also how dare people say shes ungrateful or a monster, come on, have you seen her be interviewed? She is the most humble artist out there. The bottom line is that the media is making a really big deal about all the most negative publicity, because thats as much as they have been able to get out of her in the past 5 years, so they are using every ounce of information they recieve to use against her. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP!! KELLY CLARKSON IS THE REAL THING!!! Clive Davis Knows, Simon Cowell knows, Heck THE WORLD KNOWS, so Just leave Kelly Clarkson alone, and let her do what she loves and what she does best, and that is SING!!!

Chicago's #1 Kelly Clarkson Fan
Philip Leodoro

Anonymous said...

To the poster of this blog, is that all the negative ads you could find? LOL

If you bothered to read the POSITIVE ones and the ones talking about how amazing this album is, you'd have PAGES AND PAGES of it. So quit your whining. Kelly isn't going anywhere.

Geno said...

I admire your passion Philip!
And Mr. "anonyomous"...I honestly couldn't find any positive press for the CD. The links that I posted are just a small portion of the negative articles out there..... And, I didn't print some of the more harsh and offensive ones.

dshtriathlete said...

Yeah... I always get my conclusive news from THE SPOOF! And college papers of course...not from places like BLENDER

Geno said...

I see that you ignored Rolling Stone, Fox, Ny Daily News and NY News. And what's wrong with college newspapers anyway? :)

dshtriathlete said...

No - I saw them...I couldn't care less about Fox - the 2 NY articles are a bummer - but I don't think they are a quorum for the demise of her career. And Rolling Stone just says she has had a rough patch...which she has - but I am not sure how that makes the jump to the title that her career is in jeopardy. Plenty of talented artists have weathered poor album sales here and there (which she may or may not have to). And with the decline in hard copy sales and whole album sales and much of radio becoming irrelevant to satellite / podcasts / etc... (at least for me it is) - I just think no matter what happens - she will live to sing again another day. Anyway - I am new to your site and I like it quite a lot! Thanks.

Geno said...

Thanks for the kind words! Please always feel free to comment. I like having people post their thoughts. Even if they are different from mine. It makes things more interesting!

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