Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kelly Clarkson unveils new website. Kelly gets slammed by Time and wows the New York Post with live perfomance.

Kelly Clarkson has unveiled a new official website.
"With the new launch of her new album, "My December", Kelly's official website, represents a new direction. The images, functionality and attention to detail for her loyal fans were a top priority. Kelly

Her new "My December" album and her career choices are slammed by Time magazine: "Kelly Clarkson's solo misstep": The problem with My December is that it isn't particularly great rock. Even those dismayed by what American Idol hath wrought (consider my hand raised) have to admit Clarkson has a strapping, swooping voice. But it lacks a defined personality, reflected in the bloated industrial-Pat Benatar knockoffs ("Haunted," "Don't Waste My Time," the single "Never Again") that dominate the album. When they aren't in that mode, Clarkson and her new, hardly avant-garde producer David Kahne (Bangles, Sugar Ray) dabble with proven formulae: They know a solemn ballad must start with a lone strummed guitar ("Sober") and that a horn section and a throaty delivery can lend a bit of earthy Christina Aguilera cred ("Yeah").
The lyrics, an aggrieved and angry lot, are no more forgettable than what we hear regularly on the radio. But most of the songs, co-written by Clarkson, rely on wide-screen, processed production gimmicks, rather than genuine hooks. And as any pop Svengali knows, making a pop record is as much a matter of craft and precision as it is eccentricities. It's about the thin line between hackwork and magic. As much as one can applaud Clarkson for wanting to be taken seriously, neither pop nor rock should sound as labored as most of My December. A Svengali might have also talked her out of releasing a summertime album with that title, but that's another story. Full article at Time

Meanwhile, Kelly has made a believer of Dan Aquilante as he was blown away by a live performance Kelly put on yesterday. "Idol Fury as Kelly Battles Back": On Monday night, Clarkson put on a killer concert of new material from her just-released “My December” disc, along with choice cuts from her previous records. It wasn’t the songs that elevated her performance, but rather Clarkson’s delivery; she lived the passion and emotion of every tune she sang.....At this personal showcase, she was relaxed and spontaneous, and she laid down the kind of show that makes skeptics - including me - realize she just might be the real deal. To see for yourself, this performance in the “Extra Sauce” series was taped and will be broadcast on Fuse tonight at 10. Full article at NY Post
Watch Kelly's performance tonight at Fuse TV

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