Kelly Clarkson rep denies report.

Looks like Kelly Clarkson fans won't be able to see Kelly on the American Idol tour this summer. Her camp & the pr rep for the tour are denying reports from Geno's World and Rolling Stone. It sounds to me like lower level workers threw the idea around & it was scraped before it reached the top. Read between the lines and decide for yourself.
From Access Hollywood:
ANOTHER 'MOMENT LIKE THIS' FOR KELLY?:A report posted on the music industry Web site GENO'S WORLD claims that Kelly Clarkson has been offered a "special cameo" appearance on this summer's "American Idol" tour. The report says that Kelly's response to the offer is "still up in the air," but Clarkson's rep tells Access Hollywood that the report is "not true." Furthermore, a Publicist for the "Idol" tour tells Access that this is the first she has heard of this, and that she has no idea where it is coming from. The "Idol" tour rumor comes on the heels of Kelly's announcement last week that her own summer tour has been canceled, with plans to embark on another tour in the future in a more “intimate concert environment.” While the "American Idol" tour may not be considered "intimate," Clarkson herself recently told Access that she does not wish to distance herself from the show that initially made her a star. "Everybody always thinks I try and separate myself [from "Idol"], she said. "I'm not at all -- I love very much where I came from."