Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Journey redesigns website amid Steve Perry rumors.

Journey's official website is undergoing a major face lift. This has fans like myself buzzing about the return of Steve Perry to the band. The great Melodic Rock website throws cold water on our heads: "There are a few wild rumors floating around that recent actions by Journey, including the removal of singer Jeff Scott Soto and pending website redesign is due to Steve Perry possibly returning to the fold. There is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. I even went as far to ask Journey Management if they would go on record to shut this one down. Their comment: "Categorically denied. Not a chance." "............Geno still hopes and believes!!


Anonymous said...

Geno: I am with you, I want back in. Neal and I need to get together and put the past behind us. We are not getting any younger! BUT YES I CAN STILL SING. All those old bands from the 80's, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi are still doing it, I know we could too. I made some MAJOR mistakes, and I have let a number of people down. I have been helping other bands in the studio here in San Diego and I have the desire to get back on stage again, but I want it to be with Neal, John, Ross and Steve.

Don't Stop.....


Geno said...

If only there was a chance that that comment was from the real Steve Perry.....

Anonymous said...

The "great" Melodic rock site is a haven for lies,treachery and anonymous "inside" sources. Why would Journey management take a call from anyone connected to this site?

The owner of the site, a close personal friend of Jeff Scott Soto, hired a felonious con-artist and others to concoct bogus tapes supposedly showing Soto's predecessor (Steve Augeri) lip-synching at concerts. This was done with malicious intent to boost hits on his site and promote an opportunity for Soto to replace Augeri.

The Journey forum on MR is a hotbed of slanderous lies and derogatory implications against Mr. Augeri, Mr. Perry and the current members of Journey and their management, interspersed with the "enlightened" chatter of degrading women, racial and cultural slurs, depictions of animal cruelty and pornography, foul mouthed abusive tirades and celebration of alcohol and drug abuse.

Soto's continued affiliation and participation with these scurrilous characters has him crying now...removed is a benign word for, FIRED! Instant karma at it's finest.

By the way, the previous comment from "Steve Perry" is indicative of the slime mentality previously mentioned.

Anonymous said...

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