Jessica Simpson loses 20 pounds. The singer is still stupid.

Jessica Simpson's trainer has revealed the secrets behind Jessica Simpson's weight loss. Simpson has lost around 20 pounds in two months. Unfortunately, her IQ has remained unchanged.

Jessica Simpson Typical Diet Day:
Breakfast: Scrambled egg with toast and grapefruit. Coffee with Splenda.
Snack 1: One cup of fat-free ricotta cheese and two cored pears, cut into wedges. Diet soda.
Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich with mustard and a side of black beans. Diet Snapple.
Snack 2: Carrot sticks with onion dip made from non-fat sour cream, non-fat cream cheese and one tablespoon dry onion soup mix.
Dinner: Indian-style chicken breasts with curried yogurt sauce (made from non-fat plain yogurt, one teaspoon of curry powder and peeled cucumber) served with brown rice. Green tea.