Ex-Journey singer Soto takes high road.

Give Jeff Scott Soto a lot of credit. When booted from Journey, he didn't immediately come out firing with insults or accusations against the band. He let Journey release their press statement & let his head cool. Now, some time has passed and Jeff has released a statement that is classy and level headed. Good for him!

July 7, 2006, Jeff Scott Soto began a new chapter in his life as lead singer for mega legends Journey. June 11, 2007, not even a year later, that chapter ended. Says Jeff "I was looking forward to a long, prosperous future with these guys but it seems they wanted something different than I brought to the table. No love lost though, they know what's best for the preservation of their legacy. I wish them all the best but now it's time to continue working on my own path again". Full statement at Jeff Scott Soto's official website