Can he make them smaller?

Hey kids! Do you want to see a magic show and make dad happy? Take him to see Hans Klok in Vegas. He's got a partner called Pam Anderson who will be appearing with him.

Pammy says:
"I love magic! I love doing things out of the ordinary and of course I'm always up for an adventure, as this will definitely be one" said Anderson, the former "Baywatch" star. "I knew that one day my dream of being a Vegas showgirl would come true — even better a magician's assistant. It's every girl's fantasy. I'm thrilled!"

"Pamela Anderson is the kind of international superstar that transcends entertainment," said Klok. "Audiences are going to be amazed when they see what she can do in our show."

What she can do? Hmmmmmmm. Can she make her assets bigger or smaller at will? Oh ya, she's done that....without magic.....
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