Thursday, April 12, 2007

McCain comes out swinging

John McCain attacked the Democrats yesterday. He defended the war in Iraq and said that the Democrats' plan of withdrawal is "reckless". Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.... Is McCain's campaign running out of steam before it has begun?


-> Ray said...

Short answer: Yes.

It's not unlike the Democrat's choices in 2004. Lots of candidates, but nobody anyone really liked, so they ended up with Kerry.

The same is happening to the GOP this time. I shudder to think of the lackluster candidate they'll wind up sending to the lions in 2008. There has to be someone exciting out there. Maybe not of the Goldwater or Reagan calibre, but certainly better than these guys....

I don't want to see the Democrats winning by default! Is Jack Kemp still healthy?

-> Ray said...

Check out this thoughtful analysis by (my favorite candidate in 1988) Pete du Pont:

Geno said...

We have similar fears for different reasons. Althogh I am a Democrat, I could stomach Johnny in the White House. Rudy & Mitt make me ill! I'm worried that the Dems will blow it.

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