Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Camping out for ASIA....The sequel!!!

Yes my friends, the time draws near! ASIA is touring this summer in the U.S. This means I am preparing yet again to camp out for ASIA! There are no dates for Boston yet, but John Wetton has told me to "Bet your bot,Geno--if we can,we will!" And he has also said to me "Geno,you and I need to check out the Hymen Auditorium. Isn't that German for something? "..Sounds like a good plan! For more wisdom from ASIA frontman and ICON John Wetton visit his website at The current discussion about tour dates can be found on the "Additional AFOMOA US Tour Dates" thread on the guestbook. To reminisce about last year's Geno's World marathon camp out for ASIA visit the archive section on the right of the blog.....

1 comment:

-> Ray said...

You got any Catherine Zeta-Jones pictures I might enjoy today?
(It's my birthday, so a little present would certainly be appreciated...)
Jennifer O'Dell would also fit the bill, if Geno-worthy shots of Catherine are hard to find.

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