Thursday, February 08, 2007

Triple threat

There are rumblings about a massive triple bill rock tour featuring ASIA, Styx and Foreigner. Sounds great if it turns out to be true!!!! Of course, my heroes ASIA are touring with the original power lineup of Wetton, Downes, Howe & Palmer. Styx is without Dennis Deyoung these days, but Tommy Shaw & JT are great performers. Foreigner is without Lou Graham, but features Mick Jones on guitar....Loads of talent & classic songs. Should be a winner!


-> Ray said...

Oooh, that would be amazing.
I last saw Styx in 1992 when they had Glen Burtnik in place of Tommy Shaw, so this would be a fair trade to see Tommy Shaw in a line-up without Dennis DeYoung.
I saw the James Young Group open for Foreigner in 1995, so that was pretty close.
Oh, and Lou spells his name "Gramm," short for Grammatico.
(By the way, couldn't you have found a better Teri Hatcher picture for that story about the elder Bush? I'll leave you with that challenge!)

Geno said...

That's a tough challenge! The only drawback to the triple bill would be shorter sets. But it's a good trade-off.

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