Thursday, February 22, 2007

So long DJ

Dennis Johnson, former Boston Celtic star has apparently passed away playing pickup basketball. DJ was an important member of 2 championships with the Celtics and one with the Supersonics. DJ was a great defensive player & his rapport with Larry Bird was fantastic. Bird called him the greatest teammate he ever played with. I've got great memories of DJ......He will be missed..


Boz said...

Logged on for some Hooters and read the sad news. He was the best guard in the league when he played for the Sonics. Only reason DJ isn't in the HOF is because of Bird,Parrish,McHale. Unwritten rule says not too many HOFers from one team.

Geno said...

You are spot on Boz. Unfortunately his death will probably get him the attention to get into the Hall. Another unwritten're more appreciated after you've passed away.

Anonymous said...

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