Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sister Mary JJ speaks

I heard from Sister Mary JJ again. She thanked me for listening to her advice and promises to keep praying for all of us who look at pictures of hot 19 year olds.... She urges us to visit the official Vatican website at www.vatican.va/
Strangely enough, she also encouraged me to promote The official Bruce Boxleitner fanlisting at
Apparently Sister Mary JJ met Bruce at a "Scarecrow & Mrs. King" convention and fell instantly in love with him. A platonic love of course, but Sr. Mary JJ is often seen clutching a Bruce Boxleitner photo with her Rosary beads and is also seen at Babylon 5 conventions......


Joe Ratzinger said...

Nice foto Geno. I'm much older than when I was a member of The Hitler Youth.but more distinguished looking now.
To borrow from Mel Brooks,with a little poetic license,"It's good to be the Pope."

Boz said...

Joe,to borrow from Darnell "Shakes" Johnson,"You Da Man"

Geno said...

Holy Father, I coulda been a producer!

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