Sister Mary JJ does NOT approve of Geno's World

I received a phone call yesterday (really!) from a person close to me that I will call Sister Mary JJ. Sister Mary JJ was upset at the photos of all the scantily clad women on the blog. She insisted that I cease and desist and post more about sports movies etc... She threatened to tell my mother about the scantily clad women on my site if I do not stop. She also implied that I should exercise more and have a better social life..... I love Sister Mary JJ dearly. I will listen to her advice and take it seriously. This does not however mean the end of scantily clad women on Geno's World. My job is quite stressful and this blog & it's lighthearted and rebellious tone help me get through each workweek. However, I will try to pass along Sister Mary JJ's suggestions about life and other websites that she approves of.
Sister Mary JJ's first suggestion for all things wholesome is
Meanwhile, Sister Mary JJ is saying the Rosary for all of our souls. I love you Sister Mary JJ!