Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Leeeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to rumblllllllle!!!

My sources tell me that Van Halen will be announced tonight as an inductee for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Deserved? No doubt. Both Roth & Hagar versions of the band had some fantastic moments. I can't wait for the ceremony!!!! Usually the bands inducted perform at the ceremony. Even bands with old feuds like Talking Heads have performed live. What in the world will the Van Halen brothers do with both Roth, Hagar & Michael Anthony on stage at the same time??? Even Anthony is now estranged from the band because of his friendship with Hagar. (Eddie Van Halen's son is now the official bass player for the band.) Will they all make up for a night & give the fans a dream All-Star Roth/Hagar Van Halen performance? Or will blood splatter the stage???