Monday, January 22, 2007

Pats lose. Julia Bond is a winner

I'm down. The Patriots played their heart out, but lost to a great Colts team 38-34......What will cheer me up? Julia Bond pictures? O.k....I'm...I'm smiling a little bit....


Drazen said...

Wen Drazen football teem, Infants of Prague,lose champeenship,Drazen try to fourget by treeting himself to dinner at House of Cabbage Rolls then go out four lapdance.

Geno said...

Drazen, you are an inspiration!

Joe Ratzingere said...

Geno,one of the sad things about the Pats losing. We were ready to nominate Teddy Bruschi for Sainthood.
Teddy is very big in Eastern Europe even though he may look Hawaiian.

Geno said...

Holy Father, I have to confess my sins. After the Pats lost, I took Cardinal Law's name in vain....

Boz said...

Only Laws the Pats needed were Ty Law and Lawyer Malloy.

Geno said...

Ow. That hurts!

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