Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Boz asks for Biel

My fellow ASIA fanatic Boz asked for the Jessica Biel photos to keep coming. Here you go bud! Maybe the next time ASIA hits the sattes Jessica will agree to go to the show with me. I think the restraining order will have expired by then.....


Boz said...

Geno,you da Man.
Jessica Rocks,like that Eastern European says on the credit card commercial,"Big Time."
I had an interesting conversation on the "Carl Palmer's Raincoat" thread with Drazen tonite.
I hope you like it.
Joe Ratz would approve.

Drazen said...

Boz is good person to talk two wen Drazen have female problem.
Mebbe Joe Ratz date Jadwiga,esplain why Joe celibit.

Geno said...

Drazen, keep listening to Boz & you may have some hope with the females!

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