Monday, October 16, 2006

A change will do you good

Good for Sheryl Crow! After John Mayer appeared on stage in a bear suit to distract her during her set, Sheryl later got revenge. On a night soon after, Sheryl appeared on stage during Mayer's set in a bikini with a baton and some "friends". Sheryl looks absolutely fantastic after dealing with her cancer and breakup..... I don't recommend dressing up in a bear suit or a bikini and jumping on stage with your favorite artist. I've tried both & I have the bruises from security to prove it's not a good idea.
For John Mayer's complete story & humorous look at his & Sheryl's trickery, check his blog out:


Boz said...

Geno,I am convinced that Lance Armstrong is Gay.
Joe Ratz concurs.

Geno said...

Maybe Lance took too much testosterone & it had a reverse affect. I never doubt Joe Ratz. He is infallable

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