Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel's Mug

I have to say that I'm disappointed with Mel Gibson's mug shot. He does have the drunken eyes look down though. Mel's people have announced that he's going into rehab. I'm sure that Oprah, Barbara Walers and Diane Sawyer are scrambling to get the post-rehab interview as we speak. We can look forward to questions like "Mel what was your childhood like?" "Mel did your insane father have anything to do with your drinking and racist views" "Mel do you think I have sugar tits?"


Boz said...

Seems like the press wants to Crucify Mel.
Wait,didn't Mel make a film about that?

Geno said...

My super secret sources tell me that Mel is working on a new film. "How to Lose your career in one evening of boozing" starring Robert Downey Junior as Mel, Ben Kingsley as Pontius Pilate and Pamela Anderson as Sugar Tits.

Bozzer said...

I think Mel will recover,somewhat.
After all,Joe Ratz was a member of the Hitler Youth and look at him now.

Geno said...

Good point. A lot of people do not know that Joe was also a roadie for Led Zepplin in the 70s. Little known fact, but true.

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