Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Janelle runs over black widow

Poor Danielle. The self proclaimed "black widow" of Big Brother had all her plans go up in smoke. Despite having 5 players playing against her in the veto competition, Janelle revved her engine and destroyed the compettion. It didn't help that Chill town's Will & Boogie took $5,000, a trip to Arbua and a plasma TV instead of getting ponts to hurt Janelle's chances. Will & Boogie's diary room sessions continue to be priceless!!.....By the way, looking at Janelle in leather pants has inspired me to wear my leather pants today....Unfortunately, I can't sit down & I'm going to have a serious problem when I have to go to the bathroom....damn

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Anonymous said...

lesa allt bloggid, nokkud gott

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