Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tent escape to view Clerks

I escaped from my tent long enough to see "Clerks 2" and get a proper shower. Thanks to Barbara for guarding my tent for a few hours!! Clerks 2 is quite offensive with foul language, sexual innuendo and racial slurs....It's a great movie! The theater was rocking with laughter. Ben Affleck and Jason Lee have cameos in the movie. Kevin Weisman of "Alias" also appears. The "Lord of The Rings/Star Wars" geek debate with Weisman was priceless. It was great fun to catch up with Randall and Dante after all these years. There are actually some touching moments in the film. Kevin Smith deserves a lot of praise for this gem of a film. Go see it. Now. Hurry up!


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