Monday, July 24, 2006

Let's meet. Don't be late.

I can't get cable in my tent. This poses a problem for my "Deadwood" watching. I want to thank Woody at a local pub who let me watch HBO last night at his bar. In any case the highlight of last night's episode was the meeting at Al's bar. I love meetings. Meetings are my life! The Deadwood meeting involved badge tossing, advising about sending women and children away as Wild Bill would have done, reading a very nice f&^%ing letter and dangerous cinnamon consumption. I never have cinnamon at my meetings. I think it would be a nice addition to the proceedings. Although we already send the women and children away before my meetings. The women and children just shouldn't be exposed to that kind of horror.


Boz said...

If Al Swearingen were to introduce Asia at a gig,it would go something like this.
"Are you C#$&suckers ready for F$%#@*g Asia!

Geno said...

Is it true boz that he will be the opening act? I already have t-shirts being printed: "What would Al do?"

Anonymous said...

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