Friday, July 28, 2006

Camping out for ASIA day 11

What me Loiter? There seems to be a problem with having a tent on the streets of Boston. I am in need of a lawyer. Unfortunately all the lawyer numbers that I've called (from watching Jerry Springer & Maurey) don't seem interested in helping me. Apparently helping a guy out with loitering issues doesn't pay as well as suing doctors and hospitals..... I feel let down by William Shatner. He always says the law offices that he pitches for would really help me. Captain Kirk lied man.


Joe Ratzinger said...

Great picture of the Keyboard Wizard.
Geoff,behave on this tour and remember,"God Walks With Us."

Geno said...

I am more than honored to have the Holy Father visit my humble blog.

Anonymous said...

Geoff rules the keyboard world!

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