Thursday, June 19, 2014

David Letterman - Paul Rudd Talks World Cup Soccer

Busy Phillips, Joel McHale & more stars "hate" Jenny Mollen's new book :)

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Report: Average Male 4,000% Less Effective In Fights Than They Imagine

Dick Cheney challenged on Iraq

Watching Game Of Thrones With People Who Haven't Read The Books

The View seems shocked that Jenny Mollen didn't perform oral sex on Whoopi Goldberg on live TV

Jenny Mollen appeared on "The View" on Tuesday to promote her new book "I Like You Just The Way I Am". On yesterday's "The View", The panel discussed Jenny's appearance and how Jenny seemed calm and not a wild, out of control psychopath that they seemed to somehow expect her to be.

First off, What the fuck is up with "The View" producers having a guest on one day and then on the very next day producing a segment that knocks them? And for what? For being a polite, well spoken guest? Bullshit. Such a low blow. Yes, Jenny was reserved. IT'S A GOD DAMN 11AM DAYTIME TALK SHOW. She was polite. She knew what audience was watching. She was respectful. Good for her. I listened to Jenny's interview on Howard Stern the day before. She kicked ass and was able to speak her mind & cut loose. Why? BECAUSE IT'S THE GOD DAMN HOWARD STERN SHOW. Jenny just proved that she can be a great guest on any format. And she's a smart cookie.

Now Candace Cameron Bure knocking Jenny on her hooker-threesome story? Obviously, "The View" producers knew they had an ultra conservative celeb on & thew Jenny Mollen under the bus to give Candace something to get angry about. But if Candace isn't on today, are they going to have someone else trash Candace for being too conservative today? Bah. Three cheers to my pal Jenny McCarthy for defending Jenny Mollen. Both Jennys are true gems!!!

Candace isn't my cup of tea. Her views don't mesh with mine. I'm positive that Candace didn't read Jenny's book. How can she comment on a book without reading it? She has the right to have her conservative views, but her preaching makes me ill. Her views on homosexuality are sad.
That being said, if Candace wants me to help her promote charities that help those in need? Count me in.

Oh and Jenny Mollen's book? It's fantastic. I LOVE reading it. You will too. Buy it. Now.

Gabby Giffords throws first pitch at softball game

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amazon Unveils Its First Smartphone

The "Game Of Thrones" Six-Second Recap

Is Pope Francis sick? Vatican says no

Maybe we're amazed: Paul McCartney is 72!

Bittersweet Final Premiere for 'True Blood' Cast

David Letterman - Olivia Wilde's First Mothers Day

Jimmy Kimmel - Kesha, Josh Groban, Ludacris & Brad Paisley on Rising Star

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Car Chases and Twitter Traffic

David Letterman - Olivia Wilde Gets Naked

Undateable's Chris D'Elia: Why I'm Actually Undateable, Too

Behind the scenes of "Rising Star" with Josh Groban & judges

Obama Announces Arrest in Benghazi Attack

Schreiber on 'Stache,' Orange is the New Black'

President Obama's Options in Iraq | Times Minute | The New York Times

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Jimmy Fallon - Brian Williams Raps "Baby Got Back"

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