Friday, January 17, 2014

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Fighting Cancer Isn't Sexy - Part 16: Liver, Life and Love

When my oncologist insisted that I see him in person to get the results of my MRI last month, my heart sank. I drove out with my Mom in the snow and got the expected news. Cancer was found on my liver again. The good news was that it was one small isolated spot. I would not have to go through chemo again. My oncologist and my liver surgeon sat me down and explained that I would have a liver ablation.

The procedure involved going into my side and using radio waves and heat to destroy the tumor. They told me that this particular spot might have been there all along. But it was perhaps microscopic and wasn't picked up by earlier tests. And it survived my numerous chemo treatments.

I entered the hospital this Monday and had the procedure/operation. I had yet another Doctor operate on me. He is a specialist in this area. After the operation, I woke up in pain. They gave me more meds and over the next few hours the pain went away. I haven't felt pain since. Even without medication.
I was released from the hospital the next day. I was hoping that I could be free of the 9 million side effects that I was told I could experience. Unfortunately on Monday night I experienced fever, extreme sweating and chills. YAY!!!!!!!! The fever and weakness have hung around this week, but I am improving. Yup. I survived again. I'm still alive.

Readers of my Twitter Feed and my Facebook page know that I have found love. Holy crap. Now??? I KNOW!!! I met Jen through Twitter. Chris Gorham is kind enough to encourage his Twitter followers to follow me. Jen tells me that she finally gave in one day, listened to Chris and followed me. We exchanged some tweets and I was intrigued by her stunning brown eyes and beauty.

Before you know it, we were exchanging texts and phone calls on a regular basis. I felt very comfortable with her and I was enchanted by her looks. We have since spent time together and it feels like magic. Ya, I know. I sound like a dork sometimes. But I never expected to find love again. Jen accepts my numerous and large scars, my colostomy, it's noise. (Oh God!) and everything else I continue to go through. She has a beautiful soul.

God has certainly tested me in my cancer battle over the last 17 months. (17 Months???? Holy crap!!!)
And now he dumps a brown eyed beauty who is a YANKEES fan in my lap. God has a sense of humor.

I'm optimistic about the future. Will cancer come back to visit again? Ya, that's a distinct possibility. But I can handle it. Will I actually have a wonderful new life with a woman who wears adorable doggie pjs? Time will tell. My heart says yes.

Thanks again for all of your amazing support! Please tell a friend about Geno's World and support the charities I promote. I love ya! - Geno

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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