Friday, January 10, 2014

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Thursday, January 09, 2014

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Don't attack my pal Jason Biggs

My buddy Jason Biggs got the Internet abuzz the other night when he tweeted about "The Bachelor". I watched the episode and can agree with most of Jason's comments. The contestants on the show are truly insane and Jason has every right to mock them on Twitter. The special needs comment? Ok, I can't get on board with that. But.....BREAKING NEWS!!! Jason's Twitter feed is not Mr. Rogers' Twitter feed. The dude is funny and his Twitter feed is offensive, disturbing and a MUST FOLLOW. If you don't like it, go follow The Pope.

Michael Ian Black attacked Jason via Twitter? I don't know Michael personally, but dude, please. Michael is a pretty funny dude and his own Twitter feed is not G rated. Attacking my boy Biggs? Just stop dude. Perez Hilton can't take some ribbing from Jason? Please. Perez is a man who is not two faced, he's got at least 15. He'll be your best pal one day and knife you the very next day. And instead of playing around with Jason, he acts like a two year old? Please. Enjoy the fame and millions of hits your site gets everyday Perez. Don't be a baby.

Jason's Twitter feed may be offensive, but in real life Jason is a loyal, kind and caring man. Jason and his wife Jenny Mollen have gone out of their way to support my charity helping blind individuals. They have donated large amounts of money, tweeted support and enriched the lives of blind children, blind adults and the blind elderly. They do this quietly and without patting themselves on the back. They have changed lives of blind individuals who now can recover from their car accidents, eye disease etc. and find new hope.

Jason and Jenny have been incredibly supportive of me during my cancer fight. Encouraging me via the phone and via the web. They are truly angels. Next time you attack Jason, think twice. The dude is more than he seems. He's solid. And oh ya, "Orange is the New Black" is a smash hit and Jason is amazing on it. The pie jabs at Jason are a bit stale. He's sitting in his large house with his beautiful pregnant wife & laughing at those who attack him. I love you man. And I love your hot wife.

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