Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sting Set for Broadway; Rules Out Police Reunion

'The Walking Dead' Cast on Surviving a Real Zombie Takeover

Stephen King, John Mellencamp Make a Musical

Passenger Lands Plane After Pilot Falls Ill

Obamacare or shut up with Billy Eichner & Olivia Wilde

Oh please.....Dallas Teacher Under Fire for Playboy Past

Ellen: Shemar Moore Kisses for Cancer Research

9 Year Old Boy Who Snuck Onto Plane Goes to Court

Emily VanCamp on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Katie: Daniel Radcliffe as Spider-Man?

Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) "FUCK" Montage (Dexter seasons 1-8)

Why Jessica Lange Returned to "American Horror Story"

Danica Patrick pushing pink to the limit

Obama: GOP doesn't get to demand ransom

Nadine's story

 I've tweeted about her. This is her story. Please watch & then consider donating to my Carroll Center for the Blind fundraiser on the right. Nadine received services from CCB & it helped her regain her life.

Valerie Harper's Emotional Goodbye on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Robin Quivers Opens Up To Beth Stern About Howard Stern: 'He's the Reason I'm Alive'

Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon answers questions from social media.

ELLEN - Ellen Kids Around

Chloe Grace-Moretz and Julianne Moore interviewed at "Carrie" premiere

Modern Family Feud on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Monday, October 07, 2013

Katie Couric & LL Cool J Boxing Showdown!

Briana Cuoco Says Sister Kaley Encouraged Her to Audition for 'The Voice'

Charlize Theron's humanitarian cause

Jerry O'Connell Surprised by Speedo on 'We Are Men'

Pixies Hit the Road With New Music

Obamacare: Expert advice on picking a policy

Government Shutdown 2013: At What Cost?

Ben Stiller, Kristin Wiig & Sean Penn interviewed at "The Secret Life of Walter Mitt" premiere

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