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I've had a tough time lately battling cancer. If you read my last update, you'll get the details. My spirit remained strong. But I have to admit getting down in the dumps a bit. It has been a rough 13 months. This week, 3 special women "saved" me. Because of their kindness, my mind is now at ease. My anger and sadness are under control. Happiness fills my soul. I remember why I want to live.
Eliza Dushku has been a fantastic friend, supporter and has helped me promote Carroll Center for the Blind along with being a generous donor. She is in my local area a lot lately to care for a sick family member. Such a sweet soul. She contacted me and wanted to come visit me at home to give me a hug and support. OMG, Eliza is going to be in my HOME. What the hell do I wear? Does the house smell like dog? I went with what I was regularly wearing. A 24 t-shirt and jeans. I look like a cancer dude, but that's what I am!
Eliza arrived with her fantastic youngest brother. They met my lovely dog, Belle and my Dad, Big Jim.
Eliza had such a smile and a light about her. I quickly lost all nervousness and the four of us had a nice chat. Eliza is so beautiful and "real". I feel so comfortable with her. I'll never forget that she took the time to visit me at home, when I am struggling with my fight. I love her dearly!
Late last week, I got a message from beautiful Rita Wilson. She was performing at , a wonderful benefit concert this past Monday. She had two tickets and so kindly offered them to me. Oh Geez!! I was sick in bed. My legs weren't very strong. I had just started to walk by myself. But I HAD to see Rita. I prepared my body to get ready for this past Monday.
My sister was my ride and my nurse for the concert. We were left AMAZING tickets by Rita, so close to the stage. I met Red Sox legened Tim Wakefield, who was very kind. I met Rita Backstage and it was like meeting a long lost friend. She glowed with beauty and looked like an angel. But just like Eliza, Rita is such a kind and "real" person. Her kindness is real. Her heart is huge!
The concert was great. Sarah Silverman was a riot!
Rita hit the stage and shined! WHAT A VOICE!!! So gorgeous. Her new song "Gratitude" really hit home and brought some tears to my eyes. Rita told me earlier that she was singing for me. I'll never forget that night. I'll never forget my legs giving out on me & falling on the stairs. I'm ok & still sexy!!
Kristen Johnston has supported me like no other person. Kristen is pretty, kind, and most importantly speaks without any bullshit. She never holds back. I appreciate her honesty and her bluntness sooooooo much! She has stood by me, supported me, sent me wonderful messages, supported my Carroll Center for the Blind efforts so generously and yet, we still have not slept together. I look in the mirror now & realize why. Cancer makes me just too damn sexy.
Our mutual friend @Aly25 and Kristen made this cool video for me. I'd like to share it with you:
Made me smile!!!!

I'm the luckiest guy ever to have these women in my corner. I'm lucky to have YOU! I fight on!

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