Covert Affairs, Season 4 Premiere - "Vamos"

Katie Couric thanks Stand Up To Cancer supporters for enabling five years of groundbreaking cancer research.


Ass Play featuring the sexy and hilarious Jo Newman

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Geno's World asks for your help!

Thanks to you, Geno's World has become a successful website. Through word of mouth and your kindness, you have helped promote positive celebrity news and helped raise tremendous money for charity. I'd like to continue to grow. I need your help. Don't worry. It doesn't involve giving money, blood or your favorite candy!!!

Many of you Retweet my tweets on Twitter or share my posts on Facebook. I appreciate every single one! I depend on you to help spread the word about my site. Many other celebrity news sites link to each other and pump up their web hits and views. I just can't do that. Do you really need me to tell you where to read about Kim & Kanye's baby or Justin Bieber's latest fender bender? There are tons of sites out there that do that. And yes, I read and enjoy TMZ! (But I shower afterwards.) I don't post about celebrity drunk driving arrests, nude photo scandals or who is divorcing who. I'm not a saint, but again, there's tons of places you can read about that.

I kindly ask that you continue to Tweet and Facebook my posts. Tell a friend! Spread the word. If you are one of my celebrity pals and you see an interesting video/post, your Retweet means so much to me. Celebrities telling their celebrity friends about the site has also helped it grow. I can't thank you enough! Please keep it up!

My cancer fight over the past year has been rough. Your support and love have pumped me up and kept me positive!!! Thank you! Please continue to support Geno's World. Spread the word.
You make me smile.

American Cancer Society at 100: Helping People Get Well

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