Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Kind celebrities donate to Carroll Center for the Blind fundraiser

This past month hasn't been an easy one. My fight with cancer has left me tired. One thing that keeps me motivated and gives me energy is my fundraiser for Carroll Center for the Blind. I refuse to let this stinking cancer get in the way of my annual fundraiser to raise money for such an important cause.

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank three very special people. Kay Panabaker, Chris Gorham and Kristen Johnston are all great actors. In addition to that, they are fantastic human beings. All three stepped forward and donated generously to the fundraiser. I'm so grateful for their friendships and their kind souls! We tend to read stories every day about celebs punching their wives, smashing their car, getting thrown out of clubs. etc.... Let's take a moment to remember that the majority of celebs are great folks. Kind acts like donating to the blind may not make headlines.....but they should.

Geno's World's Third Annual Fundraiser For Carroll Center for the Blind

Kay Panabaker on Twitter
Chris Gorham on Twitter
Kristen Johnston on Twitter

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