Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clarence Clemons last performance: Lady Gaga "The Edge of Glory" on "American Idol"

Cat shows amazing moves on Japanese baseball field

Larry Crowne Movie Featurette With Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts Interviews

Nia Vardalos talks about seeing her daughter for the first time

CNN reports from Boston Bruins parade

Dog bus rocks!!!

Olivia Wilde talks to Marc Malkin about Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, Paco & Twitter

El Willy: The Dancing Chihuahua

Miss USA contender shares own story of homelessness

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Selena Gomez Addresses Illness during 'Monte Carlo' Junket

Ken Jeong AHA Hands-Only CPR Video

Suspected drunk driver slams into gas station

An anonymous donor gives $42K worth of rare comic books to Goodwill.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Emma Roberts won't take advice from famous aunt Julia

Mark Ruffalo is interviewed about hydrofracking at the Millennium Awards

Angelina Jolie visits Syrian refugees

Regis Philbin Shares His Haunting Ghost Story

All of the Weiner News

Leighton Meester Is ‘Really Happy For People To Finally Hear’ Her Music

Neil Patrick Harris Reacts To Chris Rock Calling Him The ‘Gay Justin Timberlake’

Tracy Morgan meets with LGBT teens

EXTRA reports from Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott's Hello Kitty party for their daughter

Tim Pawlenty gets glitter bombed

Garcelle Beauvais Laughs Off Sean Penn Romance Rumors

Carroll Center for the Blind graduate Erik Weihenmayer competes on ABC's "Expedition Impossible"!

As regular readers and followers of my Twitter account know, one of my favorite charities is Carroll Center for the Blind. One of the most famous faces to graduate from the Carroll Center, Erik Weihenmayer will soon be featured on ABC's new reality show "Expedition Impossible"! A blind man in an intense reality show competition? Must be a gimmick right? Not if you know Erik. Please read below in Erik's own words on how the Carroll Center first introduced him to rock climbing.

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is how I found the courage to start rock climbing, given the many dangers it presents to a blind person. It all happened one weekend when the Carroll Center for the Blind took us rock climbing not too long after I lost my sight. I absolutely fell in love with the sport. To me it was the definition of adventure. It wasn’t like sitting on the back of a tandem bike and just peddling. It took strategy. It took brainpower to figure out how to connect the pieces of the holds on the rock, and to negotiate myself around the face.

Although I wasn’t able to see where I was going, I was able to feel it with my hands and feet—sort of mapping out a route—almost like solving a puzzle in the rock in order to get to the top. The textures of the rock beneath my hands, the amazing patterns of hot and cold with the sun and the shade—I thought, this is adventure!
I left a lot of blood and skin on the face of that rock the first time, but I got to the top and realized I would never again catch a baseball or make a lay-up. But in front of me were lifetimes of opportunity. And standing at the top, feeling the sun on my face and the texture of the rock under my hands and the sounds of openness all around me, my life was reborn.

To learn more about "Expedition Impossible", Erik's amazing journeys and the Carroll Center for the Blind, please visit the following links:

Official ABC "Expedition Impossible" site:
Erik Weihenmayer's official page:
Carroll Center for the Blind:
Carroll Center on Facebook:
Carroll Center on Twitter:

Condoms survive nearly 200 years

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CNN reports on the buzz around Vancouver's 'kissing couple' from the riots

John Edwards Mug Shot Outtakes Starring Jerry O'Connell

The Boston Bruins bring The Stanley Cup to TODAY

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Katie Holmes receives "Face of the Future" award

Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine open the Los Angeles Film Festival with "Bernie".

Cat alerts owner to heart attack

Daisy Fuentes Show Off Her Kohl's Summer Collection

Access Hollywood interviews Benji Bronk about his heckling of Andrew Weiner

Billy Joel Comes Out For The Songwriters Hall Of Fame Gala

David Letterman's "Top Ten Questions Received By The Weber Grill Hotline"

Conan O'Brien shows how the Spider-Man musical may be too childish

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Benjy Bronk talks to EXTRA about his outbursts at Anthony Weiner's press conference

Selena Gomez talks to CNN about music, movies and life

Andy Cohen On Co-Hosting The Miss USA Pageant - ‘I Hope To Push Some Pageant Buttons’

"Bad Teacher" outtakes & bloopers with Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake

Video: Kristin Chenoweth - I Want Somebody (Bitch About)

Ashton Kutcher hits the catwalk in Brazil

Anthony Weiner heckled during resignation

Did Peter Sarsgaard Get Claustrophobic In His ‘Green Lantern’ Makeup?

Reservoir drained after man pees in water

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Mechanics find kitten under hood of car (Kitty is ok)

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Paul McCartney On The Beatles Almost Reuniting On ‘Saturday Night Live’: Why Didn’t It Happen?

Matt Lauer rides Jim Carrey...literally.

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Geno's World Charity Spotlight: Artists For Justice And Peace

Olivia Wilde is a beautiful woman. Everyone is aware of that obvious fact. What is also becoming obvious is what a genuine & beautiful person Olivia is on the inside. Her work with charities is inspirational and touching. Not only does Olivia help raise awareness, she travels worldwide to places affected by poverty and does something about it. Please watch the video. Donate. Smile. :)


Andy Cohen on Miss USA Pageant: 'I love the swimsuit competition!'

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Access Extended: Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ Premiere

'Glee' Cast Dish New Movie Details

Man gets concussion grenade shot into his groin as he riots after Canucks loss to Bruins

Owner fined for 'lost dog' flyers

Vancouver fans riot after Canucks' loss to Boston Bruins

Gwyneth Paltrow & Molly Sims ‘Bent’ On Helping Children

Dallas Mavericks Present The David Letterman Top Ten List

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video: Global Green honors Mark Ruffalo with its Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award

Inside People Magazine’s ‘Most Amazing Bodies’ Issue

Playmate of Year Claire Sinclair tells Joy Behar she thinks Crystal Harris was using Hugh Hefner.

Jennifer Lopez unsure if she'll stay on 'Idol'

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Billy Bush’s New Chihuahua Pug Gets A Lesson In Manners

Geno's World Charity Spotlight: Christina Applegate's Right Action For Women

I dig Christina Applegate. I'm not alone. Christina is loved by millions of fans around the world. It's not just because she's gorgeous or has made us laugh over the years. Christina has got soul. Her personal battle against breast cancer and the way she handled herself publicly was amazing. Her foundation is one of the best causes out there. The work that they are doing to spread awareness & to help those affected by the disease is incredible. Please click on the link below. Read. Donate. Spread the world. Smile. Thank you!

YouTube movie unveiled in London

Bono Surprised by 'Scrutiny' Surrounding Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

The Stars Are Inspired By amfAR

Bill Maher shares his take on the Republican contenders

Bono & The Edge On ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’: ‘It’s Been A Humbling Experience’

James Franco: ‘I Would Be Very, Very Sad’ If Soaps Went Away

Conan O'Brien Shows How Delta & US Airlines Are Swimming in Cash

Conan O'Brien Shows How Republican Nominees Obsessed With Children

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3D future for GPS navigators

Drew Carey talks about using Twitter to do good

Sarah Rue Shares Wedding & Honeymoon Details

Fergie talks about her weight struggles

Baby tries to play the harmonica

Eva Longoria Talks ‘The Baytown Disco’: Why Did She Want To Do A Movie That Appeals Mostly To Guys?

CNN reports on Alice Pyne's bucket list

Billy Bush interviews Matt Bomer about "White Collar"

Kitten gets stuck in a hamster ball

Scotty the kid's favorite food is....wait what?????

Eva Longoria On ‘Desperate Housewives’: I’ll Be A Part Of The Show ‘Till The End’

Kristin Chenoweth talks about her work with Dave Thomas' adoption charity

Stars Comment on TV Censorship at Webby Awards

Why are millions leaving Facebook?

Fran Drescher: ‘It’s Nice To Be Back In The Saddle Again’ With ‘Happily Divorced’

Blake Lively: Rivaling Ryan Reynolds ‘so much fun’

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Tracy Morgan’s Homophobic Comments: ‘We All Make Mistakes’

Jada Pinkett Smith talks love scenes with Marc Anthony on TODAY

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Kristin Chenoweth On Tracy Morgan’s Hateful Rant: ‘All I Can Do Is Pray For Him’

Michelle Obama 'Terrified' About 'iCarly' Debut

Shannon Tweed walks out on Gene Simmons during taping of Joy Behar show

Paul Stanley battles microtia

The Playboy App with Crystal Harris

Betty White does the Top Ten list on David Letterman

Andy Richter's Tony Awards Recap On Conan O'Brien

Monday, June 13, 2011

Breckin Meyer & Mark-Paul Gosselaar Talk ‘Franklin & Bash’: What’s Coming Up Next?

Gordon Ramsay talks to Mario Lopez about "Master Chef"

Archive video: Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviews Stand Up to Cancer co-founder, Laura Ziskin.

Stars Weigh In On Alec Baldwin’s Possible Run For Mayor Of New York City

Sesame Street: SpiderMonster, The Musical - Sneak Peek!

ET Flashback '95: Anna Paquin

Jim Parsons Talks Performing On Broadway : ‘It’s A Very Rewarding Experience’

Dallas Mavericks fans greet the NBA champions as they arrive at the airport.

Lady Gaga sings for gay rights in Rome.

Access Hollywood Live: Details From The Man Who Married William & Kate

Lioness tries to eat baby at the zoo.

Explorer searches for Osama bin Laden's body

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed are honest about their relationship troubles on TODAY

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Puppy Fails Jump

Paula Abdul Drops In Brooke Elliott's Bed on 'Drop Dead Diva'

Zachary Levi On Tracy Morgan’s Controversy: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Hateful’

Betty White Dishes on 'Hot in Cleveland' Season 3 on GMA

Jessica Seinfeld: Seeing the humor in parenthood

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Conan O'Brien's Dartmouth Commencement Address Highlights

Jon Cryer on Alec Baldwin's Rumored run for Mayor: 'New York Could do a lot Worse'

'The Book of Mormon' wins big at Tonys

Joe Manganiello: Will It Be The Season Of Werewolves On ‘True Blood’?

Olivia Munn On Tracy Morgan’s Recent Rant: An Apology Isn’t Enough

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Has 'Weinergate' reporting gone too far?

Rare photos of Beatles emerge

Josh Groban juggles, while woman licks her elbow

Josh is a blast to see in concert. Best voice on the planet mixed with a fantastic sense of humor!

Cautious Cat meets Musical Mouse

Jimmy Fallon on playing with Bruce Springsteen

Wonderful CBS Sunday Morning Profile Of Jim Parsons

Cheetah and puppy are BFFs

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Michael Jackson video unearthed

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