Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Look Back: ‘Harry Potter’ Cast - Then & Now

Bionic dog gets prosthetic leg

Preview of "60 Minutes": Mark Wahlberg tells a funny tale of his friends & a $250,000 camera.

Sneak peak at Ghost The Musical

TODAY goes behind the scenes of the making of Oprah's favorite things issue with Gayle King.

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Neil Diamond’s Style, His Acting & Plans For The Future

David Letterman shows "The Big Bang Theory" cast talking about his Top Ten list.

EXTRA goes on the "General Hospital" set & interviews Vanessa Marcil, Steve Burton & Dominic Zamprogna

Conan O'Brien's priest stalker arrested this week after calling 911 on himself.

So scary.....and so sad.
Boston Herald:
A Bay State priest obsessed with late-night TV laughmeister Conan O’Brien went on a disturbing hunt for Channel 5 “Chronicle” anchor Anthony Everett in Cohasset — saying he wanted to tell him his “side of the story” for a piece he claimed the newsman was doing about his talk show stalking, authorities said.

Everett got a harassment prevention order against David Ajemian, 48, on Nov. 10, after the unstable clergyman sent him “very troubling” writings, said prosecutor Erin Murphy.

With a copy of the order in hand, Ajemian showed up to the Cohasset police station Wednesday and said he wanted to be arrested so he could be interviewed by Everett, the prosecutor said.

In his search for the WCVB-TV personality, Ajemian told police he’d spent the day in Cohasset, taking a walk to the yacht club and eating lunch in the town’s center.

Ajemian said he’d stalked O’Brien and tried to get on his show so he could “spread the word about religion,” according to the police report.

Ajemian, who had rented a room at the Cohasset Harbor Inn, said he had come to the police station because he couldn’t find Everett, Murphy said.

After police told him to go home, Ajemian later called 911, saying he had found Everett’s house and was going to visit him at noon the next day. Police arrested Ajemian in Cohasset on Thursday.

Controversy Over Spanish Voting Orgasm Video

Eric Roberts talks to ET about the upcoming season of "Celebrity Rehab" & Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Matthew Morrison Reacts To Making People Magazine’s 2010 ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Issue

Friday, November 19, 2010

CNN iReporters share their thoughts on "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1."

ET shows video of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's third wedding.

Yes- "Starship Trooper" live 1973

"The Soup" has fun with Jeff Probst's wit on "Survivor".

Stana Katic Goes Green For Her ‘Castle’ Commute

Olivia Wilde is interviewed at Disney Tron Pop Up Shop party

Olivia Wilde talks to Access Hollywood about her work in Haiti.

The Brian Williams dance is sweeping the nation.

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CNN reports on the packed midnight showings of the new "Harry Potter" film.

Harry Potter stars hit Japan

Is Nathan Fillion Getting A New Love Interest On ‘Castle’?

John Lennon jacket, Bubbles chimp suit at auction

Russell Brand opens up to Larry King about his past troubles with addiction

Valerie Tanswell "What Val Thinks" reviews "Jackass 3D"

The first Jackass movie was a revelation, I won’t lie. How could my mother and I, who had never really even seen the TV show, find watching these guys so utterly entertaining? Yet there we were watching the DVD (me with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade in hand and Mom sipping her Pinot Grigio) in total fits of laughter. Quality mother and daughter time for sure.

Keeping with the theme of appropriate together-time, last weekend I decided to go see Jackass 3D with my boyfriend on our “date night”. Because what’s more romantic than three-dimensional projectile vomit and flying ball-sacks? With our 3D glasses at the ready (which we had to pay for, FYI!), we sat down and let the madness of Jackass 3D wash over us.

So, for my money, here’s the good, the bad and the ugly that is Jackass 3D:

The good:

• Opening credit sequence was brilliant; the 3D aspects, the colors and the slow-motion captured stunts had us laughing from the start.

• Variety! There was the usual (and crowd-pleasing) stunts with animals (bulls, rams, attack dogs), the bitch-slapping of Bam’s step-father, and various fly-into-air-and-land-painfully bits. There were also new twists including jet engines, tooth-removal and a 5 foot tall high-five machine (one of my new favs).

The bad:

• Puking induces puking, people. Steve-O has quite the gag reflex which in turn affects the cameramen and even a couple of the other jackasses all caught on tape! Ugh! It’s a wonder we in the theater didn’t turn to each other and vomit (I think most of us instinctively turned away, exclaiming “Ewwww!!”)

• Poop is bad too. I mean, obviously it serves its purpose, but butt volcanoes spewing poo and dog-poop-port-a-potty-bungee jumping…well I could’ve done without both of those, thank you very much!

The ugly:

• I have to wonder why these guys don’t work out. Since most of them are in stunts that include jock-straps, speedos or human diapers, why don’t they beef up between movies? Because these guys half-naked…well it’s just not a good look. To be fair, I suppose being a movie-star means the chicks dig you even if you are pasty and flabby (though can any of us really say Preston Lacy is bonafide a star?)

• Toothless grins (I’m looking at you, Jackass Danger Ehren, what were you thinking???)

My favorite part of the Jackass experience is and will always be the utter glee these guys have in each other’s pain! Their laughter, giggles and constant badgering of one another permeates even the most repulsive stunts which means as a viewer, I find it utterly contagious.

I think….Jackass 3D provides a multitude of experiences including complete shock, repulsion, nausea, laughter and fear and boy do you get your money’s worth of all of those! What other film can do that, I ask you?

Hi, this is Geno. I'd like to formally welcome to lovely and talented Valerie to Geno's World! Valerie is a gem and I appreciate her letting me share her reviews with my readers! Valerie & I were married in the past.....on Facebook......for two days. It was a whirlwind romance and we have remained friends. Her Mom and dog love me and I approve of her current leading man. Life is good. :)

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George Lopez talks to Michael Chiklis about "No Ordinary Family" & his intimidation factor!

Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan On ‘Dancing’: ‘We’re Big Supporters’ Of Jennifer Grey

Heidi Klum shares her anti-aging secrets

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catholic Priest who was charged with stalking Conan O'Brien is arrested for harassing TV anchor.

The TV personality is WCVB anchor Anthony Everett. Anthony is not talking & who can blame him. Scary & sad.......

A local priest once charged with stalking late night talk show host Conan O'brien has arrested in Cohasset this afternoon.
David Ajemian is accused of violating a harassment prevention order that was taken out by a Boston TV personality.
The 49-year-old is currently being held on $25,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning.
Just a few weeks ago Ajemian spoke exclusively to Fox Undercover's Mike Beaudet saying he should be allowed to return to work as a priest......

Does Blake Lively’s ‘Green Lantern’ Character Go Bad?

Joy Behar & panel discuss Eva Longoria - Tony Parker split.

"13" trailer starring Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, 50 Cent, and Ray Winstone

YES - "Cinema" - "Owner of a Lonely Heart" live at 2004 Trevor Horn Tribute

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz talks to ET about Jessica Simpson's engagement.

Dr. Drew Pinsky talks to CNN's John King about Willow Palin's controversial remarks.

James Franco is asked if he would date Jennifer Aniston

Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Ritter & More React To Being Named One Of GQ’s 2010 ‘Men Of The Year’

Grandmother fights with Hooters security

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Heroic dog saves 95 year old neighbor

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Naomi Campbell opens fur store in Moscow. Fur? BOOOOOOO!!!!

Suspicious, angry viewers demand "Dancing With the Stars" re-count after Bristol Palin survives.

Donald Trump talks to MSNBC about running for President in 2012.

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Preview of tonight's "The Big Bang Theory" starring the lovely Kaley Cuoco.

Cat Hiccups and Farts

Harry Smith interviews Ben Bratton about the mysterious murder of Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen.

Conan O'Brien interviews Russell Brand about the Queen's breasts & Katy Perry

Bristol Palin gets sexy for In Touch Magazine

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dina Lohan calls the Lindsay Lohan jokes on 'Glee' "tasteless."

Beyonce's sexy new ad gets banned.

Kiefer Sutherland: Jack will be back

Is Apolo Anton Ohno Surprised Bristol Palin Has Survived So Long On ‘Dancing’?

Sarah Palin tells Barbara Walters that she thinks she could beat Barack Obama.

Clown robs woman on toilet.

Awesome "Cowboys & Aliens" trailer starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde.

Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal on Posing Nude Together

YES - "Yours Is No Disgrace" Live on the Union Tour

"F-Bombs" printed on Burger King receipt.

Video of people dressed as ladybugs & candycorn throwing chairs during fight at Denny's.

Tim McGraw, Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester talk to CNN about "Country Strong."

Harry Potter and the X-Rated Trailer

Weasley twins hit Taiwan Harry Potter premiere

Bristol Palin On ‘Dancing’: The Haters Are ‘Fueling My Fire’

AP interviews Julia Stiles, Nia Vardalos & more at "24 Hour Play" event.

Conan O'Brien interviews Rosario Dawson about mistakenly dissing Barack Obama.

Conan O'Brien's funny new interview with Harrison Ford.

Oksana Grigorieva discusses her allegations against actor Mel Gibson with Larry King.

Kristin Dos Santos interviews beautiful Julie Benz about "No Ordinary Family" & "Dexter".

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 year old Gavin talks to his Mom about having Josh Groban bring him up on stage & offer him chocolate milk.

Powerful story of Jennifer Aniston and 9 year old cancer survivor Jordyn.

"Red Riding Hood" trailer starring Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman & Virgina Madsen.

First clip of "Green Lantern" starring Ryan Reynolds!!

Brian Austin Green talks to Billy Bush & Kit Hoover about his wife, Megan Fox.

Prince William says he carried his mother's engagement ring around Kenya in a rucksack before he proposed.

Katy Perry talks to Access Hollywood about Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Christina Aguilera talks about having crazy girl talk with Cher.

Peter Gallagher, James Marsden, George Hamilton and others discuss why Cher is a legend.

Prince William gives Diana's ring to fiancee Kate Middleton

Emma Watson talks to David Letterman about how the British and Americans still have a language barrier.

Jimmy Kimmel is urging Facebook users to celebrate National Unfriend Day.

Cat protects kids from alligators

Emma Watson talks to TODAY about new "Harry Potter" film & her cute hair.

The Early Show interviews Billy Bob Thornton about "Faster".

Ke$ha explains the $ in fantastic "Funny or Die" video. NSFW

Julie Benz looks AMAZING at "Tangled" premiere!

Behind The Scenes: Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Glee’ Duet With Mathew Morrison

A TSA employee demonstrates the new pat down methods on Conan's show & it gets weird.

CNN interviews Josh Groban about music, moving to New York and making Steve Carell giggle.

Julianne Hough tells Ellen that Ryan Seacrest is a phenomenal boyfriend.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Legendary musicians pay tribute to John Lennon in New York

Taylor Momsen's adorable "Shake 'N Bake" commercial.

Joy Behar talks with "Modern Family"'s Jesse Tyler Ferguson about a study that says Republicans love the show.

Natalie Portman: It Was ‘Awkward’ Shooting ‘Black Swan’ Love Scene With Mila Kunis

Courteney Cox and David Arquette reunite for charity fundraiser.

Christina Aguilera & Julianne Hough talk to ET about boyfriends on & off screen.

Mila Kunis Describes Training For ‘Black Swan’ & Shooting Love Scene With Natalie Portman

Josh Groban performs "Higher Window" on "Ellen"

Olivia Wilde is interviewed on the set of "The Next Three Days".

Katy Perry releases scent in London

Miley Cyrus' supermarket surprise

Cher On Christina Aguilera: ‘We Had A Friendship Right From The Beginning’

Bristol Palin is interviewed about the tea party conspiracy, dating & Levi Johnston.

Josh Groban performs on GMA & talks about "Illuminations".

"Megamind" No. 1; Legends honored with Oscar gold

Jane Lynch On Sue Getting Married On ‘Glee’: It Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

Is Sarah Palin's program a reality show or a campaign ad?

Stanley Tucci: It Was ‘So Much Fun’ Filming ‘Captain America’

Glee's Chord Overstreet on the Gwyneth Episode, His Future With Quinn & Why He Won't Get Naked

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Win a chance to be buried with Oprah! (I love the Onion.)

Heidi Montag's Mom in Tears Over Her Plastic Surgery

"President Bush" & "Kanye West" get together on SNL.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint Say Goodbye To ‘Harry Potter’

The battle between Conan and Leno.

Scarlett Johansson stars in SNL spoof of MTV's new "16 and Pregnant" Spinoffs

Scarlett Johansson is interviewed in great Hollywood Dish SNL skit.

Men who bought winning lottery ticket at porno shop, will donate some money to a church.

Josh Groban brings 6 year old superfan Gavin up on stage & sings with superfan Lauren!!

Scarlett Johansson stars in SNL spoof of the "Unstoppable" trailer.

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